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Haloween '01(or maybe'02)

Above: Chad and Matty. Mad pimpin' and mad nerdin'

Matty was a lucky guy that night. His date got drunk.....

...very drunk (thanks Monica and Nina for doing my makeup)...

...actually a little on the drunken side of insane. Or was it the insane side of drunk. Ether way, what a good night was had by all...ahh.(long pause).. Boy, I'm pretty.

Oh, and here's the end of a great day. Picture from when my brother Patrick visited.

Kim,Scott and part of Kelly at Oktoberfest '01!

Here's Kelly and me watching The Super Bowl at the Hauseberg Lodge. I had recently had yet another altercation with the local Turkish cats....Yup,Jesse was right,"two men does not make a posse"

Jeff, I had to post this one just to fuck with you..........Go ahead and click on that next button again.

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