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And, naturally, who didn't take a picture of a buncha' Augi's while they lived in Garmisch.

There's Scotty, Jeff and I chillen in my room...

Kinda hard to tell but that's Shane putting back a bottle of Jager while we were laggin on a tour on Chiemsee's Frauen insle (Womans Island). He and I got in some trouble when we went exploring in the massive church basment.Passage after passage was down there. So cool. But, alas we got busted and dragged out. This shot is about two minutes later.....

Panti is still one of the coolest dudes I know.

You'd have to been in Garmisch a while to know Tim. But if you did, you knew he was one sarcastic chilled out cat. Yeah Timmy! Hows Hawaii?!?!

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