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this is the pig we cooked in the ground a couple weeks ago

he's been in the ground for 12 hour at this point, I forgot the termometer so I made deep slit on the shoulder and burned the hell outa my hand. It was done, but i felt it needed to crisp for couple hours.

we pulled it up from the pit 4 hours later and it had nice color to it. My bro agrees

I was one meat detail so I cooked two chickens in the smoker, two more on the grill, two beef briskets and of coarse, the pig. So, get the pig ready and...

the folks start headin around the house

The kids were still terrified. They thought it was mean to eat him. I assured them he died a peaceful death as I strangled and bludgeoned him myself around midnight the night before. Such good kids, they were so polite to me the rest of their stay.

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