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Photo to prove I really was there.

The streets outside Acropolis all kinda look like this. Anything Greek is one sale.

The "I'm enjoying my coffee face"...

Is actually an "I'm about to vomit and pass out face". I didn't know it but I was coming down with full-blown pneumonia, and getting sicker by the hour.

The blue line extends unbroken from Marathonos to the center of Athens. It's what the runners use to guide them.

veiw from tent.

I didn't really leave the tent for a day. I was too sick to move. Dizzy, couldn't breath. Thought that maybe I should go to the hospital. I was just thinking if I can just make two more days I'll be up in Germany. Once I Germany I'll be willing to go to the Krankenhause.

Jeffs place, GAP

Once in Germany I stayed at Nina’s place for three days lying in bed barely able to function. Time was slipping, I HAD to make it to GAP and say hi. So this is right when I showed up there, sick, tired and altogether feeling like hell.

Getting some cheap chicken.

Jeff, Chris and I getting some grub.

Last day/little slice of heaven

Feeling the best I had in the last two weeks. Got to go up to the Ibsee with some of the PX kids. I ended the trip with coming back with Pneumonia in both lungs, coughing up blood, couldn't work for two months. The sickest I've ever been. Altogether a good trip. It was a good test for myself about holding it together in dire circumstances and I pulled it off. Glad I went.

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